Nurture Group

Welcome to Nurture Group Registration

Christianity Explored is an informal platform to explore Christianity and discuss spiritual questions. Whether you are someone who has been visiting church but have not accepted the faith, or whether you are someone who is just curious to find out what Christianity is about, you are welcome to participate in Christianity Explored. Participants will be grouped and led by experienced facilitators, who will journey with them to explore answers over 6 discovery sessions.

17 Sep - Session 1. How do you know God exits?
24 Sep - Session 2. Are all religion the same?
01 Oct - Session 3. Is the Bible reliable?
08 Oct - Session 4. Who is Jesus?
15 Oct - Session 5. Claims of Jesus
22 Oct - Session 6. Faith (Fact or Feeling)

Timing: 1pm at Prayer Room (Woodlands) / 1pm at Joy 1 Room (BPJ) / 12.30pm at auditorium (EAST)

Covenanters who intend to invite and accompany their FRANS for the 6 discovery sessions are also encouraged to attend a training session on 9 Sep (Saturday) 2-4pm, ACK Centre Training Room 01.